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MEETING MINUTES – May 19, 2021

Mead Community Building, 220 E. Fourth St.

The Village of Mead Planning Commission met Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 7:33 pm. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Levi Durnal with roll call.  Present were Robert Morin, James Hannan, Connie Schliffke, Levi Durnal, Jim Halbmaier and Wyatt Swartz.  Chair Rick Miller was not present.

Chair states: “The Village of Mead makes available at least one current copy of the Open Meetings Act posted in the meeting room at a location accessible to members of the public.  The Act is posted in the front entry of the Village Office.”

Jim motioned, and Connie seconded to approve the agenda.  All of those present agreed.


Andrew Spader, Jody Weible, June Moline, Maureen Freeman-Caddy, and Steve Mossman.

The Chair states the purpose for the Special meeting is the consideration of revocation or other actions of Conditional Use Permit issued to AltEn, LLC for the operation of an ethanol plant and anaerobic digester pursuant to Ordinance 655.

Robert motioned and Jim seconded that the Planning Board recommend the Village Board of Trustees find AltEn in violation of Ordinance 655 due to their failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the departments of the State and Federal Governments pertaining to its operation.   All commissioners present agreed.

Mr. Steve Mossman legal counsel for AltEn asked to address the Planning Board.   Mr. Mossman stated that remediation was ongoing, and he anticipated the need to operate the anaerobic digester at sometime in the future as part of the site’s remediation efforts.  He indicated that he believes the future use of the anerobic digester for remediation should be taken into account when considering revocation of AltEn’s conditional use permit.

Additionally, Mr. Mossman explained that he contends the Village or Mead does not have the authority to revoke Ordinance 655 with any conditions, exceptions, or modifications. Per Mr. Mossman “The term revoke is inconsistent with any conditions that could be placed on the revocation”.

Ms. Maureen Freeman-Caddy legal counsel for the Village of Mead recommended that any revocation recommendation include exceptions to the revocation that would allow for continued remediation actions at the site.

Following additional discussion by the Planning Board, Robert motioned, and Levi seconded a motion to make to following recommendation to the Village Board of Trusties.

The Village Planning Board recommends the revocation of AltEn’s Conditional Use Permit for operation of an ethanol plant and anaerobic digestor, except as required to utilize the facility, its equipment, filtration systems and machinery for remediation, removal and disposal of contamination, waste, and toxins from the facility, lagoons, soil and water as permitted and directed by local, state and/or federal government departments.

All members present agreed.

At 8:17 pm, the Chair called for an adjournment. Wyatt motioned, and Jim seconded.

All present agreed.