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Village of Mead Planning Commission meeting and public hearing

Monday, November 23rd, 2015


The Village of Mead Planning Commission met Monday, November 23rd, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.  Present was our new member, Wyatt Swartz and also members Jody Weible, Connie Schliffke, Levi Durnal, Rick Miller, Ruth Dobesh, Jason Felty and Melissa Konecky.


Rick motioned, and Connie seconded, that we adopt the agendas and that we approve the minutes from the October 26th, 2015 meeting.  All agreed.


At 7:31 p.m., Connie motioned, and Rick seconded, that we open the public hearing.


Connie motioned, and Rick seconded, that we recommend the Board of Trustees approve the amendments to the zoning regulations concerning fences, sidewalls not exceeding 14 feet in height, roofing materials and not allowing landfills, ethanol plants, rendering plants or junk yards within one mile of the village.  This motion also included changes to the municipal code’s conditional use permit rate.  We will discuss mega-hog lots in January.


At 7:37 p.m. we closed the public hearing and continued our regular meeting.


Rick motioned, and Jason seconded, that we approve Mike and Stacy Leutkenhaus’s building permit application to erect a fence at their home at 14 North 8thCircle.  All agreed.


Levi motioned, and Connie seconded, that we approve Colby Properties LLC’s building permit application to build a house at 29 North Elm Street.  All agreed.


A shed was erected at Jeremy Harnish’s house at 414 South Elm Street but no building permit application was provided by Harnishes.  The penalty for erecting the shed will increase further if the building permit application is not received by January 9th.


Rick motioned, and Levi seconded, that we void two demolition permits that were not used.  All agreed.  One was David Deerson’s from 2013 and one was Gary Hollst’s from 2014.


Levi motioned, and Wyatt seconded, that we approve Andy and Jennie Carritt’s building permit application for three additions to their house.  All agreed except Connie, who abstained.  Setbacks for the additions do not meet seven feet on one side of the yard but this part of the house already does not meet setbacks and the additions are in keeping with the present distance from the adjacent property on the same side.  11-506 B permits limited expansion of an existing, non-conforming structure.


Connie motioned, and Melissa seconded, that we adjourn the meeting at 8:16 p.m.  All agreed.


Melissa Konecky, Recording Secretary