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Village of Mead Planning Commission Meeting

Monday September 28, 2020

The Village of Mead Planning Commission met Monday, September 28th, 2020 at 7:30 PM. Meeting was called to order by President Rick Miller with roll call.  Present were Rick Miller, Levi Durnal, Robert Morin, Jim Halbmaier, James Hannan, Connie Schliffke, and Wyatt Swartz.


Chair states: “The Village of Mead makes available at least one current copy of the Open Meetings Act posted in the meeting room at a location accessible to members of the public.  The Act is posted in the front entry of the Village Office.”

Connie motioned and Jim seconded the motion to approve agenda.  All agreed. Jim motioned and Levi seconded, to approve the minutes of the Aug 24, 2020 regular meeting.

Scheduled Guests: No Guests were Scheduled.

The Chair opened discussion of NEW Business. The following items were discussed.

Building Permit Application from Wayne and Kim Thorson, 920 Co Rd M (AG) to construct a shed.

Due to the incomplete nature of the application, efforts were made to contact the applicant for additional details regarding construction and placement of the shed.  After the Chairman spoke to the applicant, we were able to determine that the building as described in the phone conversation would meet all the applicable ordnances.   Following discussion of the application Jim motioned to approve and Levi seconded.   All members present voted to approve the application.

Commission members also discussed ways to improve the quality of submitted building permits.  Incomplete, inaccurate, or Ambiguous building applications are submitted for consideration on a regular basis.  Applications of this nature take extra time and resources to review and process properly.   No action was taken at this time to address the issue.   The topic will be revisited at a future date.

No unscheduled guests were in attendance.

At 8:13 PM the chair called for adjournment. Jim motioned and Connie seconded.

All agreed.