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Village of Mead Planning Commission October 26, 2015 Regular Meeting


The Village of Mead Planning Commission met Monday, October 26, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. Present were Jody Weible, Connie Schliffke, Levi Durnal, Rick Miller, Jennie Grasiani and Ruth Dobeth. Jason Felty and Melissa Konecky were absent.

Ruth made a motion to adopt the agenda. Rick seconded, and all approved.

We agreed to strike the last paragraph from the September 28, 2015 meeting minutes. Changing it to read” Since there was no business to discuss Connie motioned, and Melissa seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. All agreed”. Ruth made a motion to approve the amended minutes, Rick seconded and all approved.
Bobbie and Lee Feldhaus were our guest to discuss a variance hardship for their mobile home park. They currently have 19 trailers. Trailers are no longer available to purchase in the size their plat allows. 16×80 is the smallest size they can obtain for replacement trailers. They brought an example of the plan they would like to implement. Jody mentioned although we wish they could begin their improvements now we are unable to approve the request because it doesn’t meet setbacks. They discussed moving a few trailers to bring in a double wide. Jody mentioned they do meet the setbacks for the 16 ft trailers. The Planning Commission recommends Bobbie and Lee appeal to the Board of Adjustments for a variance hardship. Connie made a motion to approve the recommendation. Levi seconded and all agreed. They do not comply with 11-308C 1 and 2, 11-308D and 11-308E4. They will remove one trailer and put in a row of storage units for the residents of the mobile home court. It was suggested they need a green space if they could remove 2 trailers and make a grass area. 

We reviewed Russell Petersen’s request to demolish a garage located at 619 Cedar Street. Jennie made a motion to approve the demo application. Connie seconded and all agreed. Russell stopped by the meeting so we let him know his application was approved.

Jody mentioned we will continue to review the comprehensive plan zoning regulations and propose amendments. Mead did not qualify for the grant to have this professionally done.

We request that we add no junk yards, landfills, ethanol or rendering plants to be located within 1 mile of Mead to the regulations.
Side wall changes; 11:305 C1, 11:306 B1, 11:307 B1 should change to sidewalls shall not exceed 14ft in height.

Fence changes as follows 11-410 add S-R same requirements as R1 and R2. For B-1, B-2, M-1 and M-2 Fencing minimum of 6 ft. Made of chain link or constructed of material common to fencing such as wood, chain link, pvc /resin, stone or masonry. Garage doors barbed wire or electrified fences are not permitted. Add fence construction on utility easements: Any fence erected on a tract of land subject to an easement for the construction, maintenance, operations, or replacement of any water, sanitary or storm sewer, gas line, electric power, telephone, or other utility poles, or other cables or lines shall be designed and constructed to be readily removable to permit the use of the easement. Such fences shall be subject to removal by request of the owner of the easement whenever necessary to permit access.  The cost of removal or replacement shall be the responsibility of the owner of the fence. Setbacks the same for all easements.

Roof materials add 11-413 Roofs must be constructed of conventional roofing materials to include metal, wood, asphalt, shingles or tile.


It was recommended to adopt a maintenance code, was a question on who would enforce it. This code will be located in the Village Code book.


We recommend the Village charge a fee for Conditional Use Permits. 


It was recommended to add 11-414 Cell Towers and use the wording from Wahoo


Jennie needs to step down from the planning commission so the name of Wyatt Swartz is submitted; he has expressed interest 

At 8:20 p.m. Connie made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Rick seconded and all agreed.
Jennie Grasiani