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Village of Mead Planning Commission meeting

Monday, August 26th, 2019

The Village of Mead Planning Commission met Monday, August 26th, 2019 at 7:36 p.m.  The meeting was called to order with roll call.  Present were Levi Durnal, Matt Bratsburg, Connie Schliffke, Robert Morin, Rick Miller and Melissa Konecky.  Jim Halbmaier and Wyatt Swartz were absent.  Visitors attending were Greg and Laura Clark.

Levi motioned, and Connie seconded, that we approve the agenda with the correction that Girmus Investments, LLC does not want to put up a fence but wanted to put a new face on an already-existing sign.  This was under F. NEW BUSINESS, 1. All agreed.  Matt motioned, and Levi seconded, that we approve the minutes from the previous meeting, as well as the public hearings, with the following correction:  In paragraph 3, line 4, “will” should say “may.”

Greg and Laura Clark want to put a house on property at 421 S. Cedar. They will need a plat and will need to apply for a variance.

Girmus Investments LLC (B-1) put a new face on a sign by the Country Store. It was an existing structure.  However, he had to get approval.  Connie motioned, and Levi seconded, that we approve his building permit application.  All agreed.

Security Rentals LLC (M-1) submitted a building request application for a well and septic system.   The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) must approve the septic system and well prior to construction since it is less than three acres.  Here is what Olsson Engineering wrote to the Village Board members:

NDEQ requires that subdivisions where an onsite wastewater treatment system (septic tank and leach field) is proposed for lots less than three acres in size, the owner must submit an application for subdivision review and receive approval from the NDEQ for the development.

Matt motioned, and Robert seconded, that if the NDEQ approves the building permit applications and plans, we would approve the permit. All agreed.

Shannon Hoover’s and Jason Schutes’ fence was approved by the Village Board.

Robert Morin looked up the State of Wisconsin’s water treatment, disposal, and storage ordinance. Suggestions for ours should include hazardous materials.  Some common-sense suggestions Robert introduced were:

  1. Any product or byproduct which is chemically or biologically reactive and subject to decompose must be stored in a manner that will prevent environmental exposure.
  2. Organic products or byproducts not suitable for livestock, domestic animals, or wildlife consumption and/or exposure must be stored in a manner that prevents all primary and secondary exposure by said animals.
  3. All byproducts deemed non-inert must be stored in a manner that prevents all primary and secondary decomposition byproducts from environmental release.
  4. All friable products and byproducts must be stored in a manner that prevents particulate matter from leaving the designated storage area.

At 8:40 p.m., Connie motioned, and Matt seconded, that we adjourn the meeting. All agreed.


Melissa Konecky, Recording Secretary