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Planning Meeting Minutes 4/25/2016
Attendees were:
Jodie Weible  Chairperson 
Levi Durnal
Matt Bratsburg
Connie Schliffke
Wyatt Swartz
Rick Miller acting Secretary

7:30 PM Meeting called to order.

Previous meeting minutes approved with correction.
     -correction is Harnish permit issue “Rick” deleted and “Wyatt” inserted in place.
7:35 PM Public Hearing opened and called to order.
Hearing to consider approval of Plat modifications for Mead Public Schools.
Connie motioned with Levi seconding and motion for approval passed.
7:38 PM Public Hearing adjourned
Discussion of permit for Jerremy Harnish for Shed.  
      -Denied due to size issue.
Andy Carritt permit Canceled.
8:21 Connie motioned for adjournment, Wyatt seconded, motion approved.

Rick Miller, Acting Secretary