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Village of Mead Planning Commission meeting of February 22st, 2016


The Village of Mead met Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.  Present were Wyatt Swartz, Levi Durnal, Rick Miller, Ruth Dobesh, Jason Felty, Jody Weible and Connie Schliffke.  Melissa Konecky was absent.  Guests present were Dennis Berry and Karen Little.


Ruth motioned, and Levi seconded, that we adopt the agenda and approve the minutes from the 1-25-16 meeting with the following corrections: (1) Wyatt’s name in the first paragraph, line 2, was mistaken for Wayne.  (2) After a discussion on January 12that the Village Board meeting, the Feldhauses told the Village Board they will transfer a larger trailer into the trailer court in place of a smaller one (Resolution 16-01).  Smaller trailers are not made anymore and the larger ones are more spacious.  Feldhauses agreed to remove personal storage sheds from Lot 12 and might put in a storage unit for each renter who does not already have storage.  There may be more green space.  All agreed.  This had to do with the sixth paragraph of the 1-25-16 Planning Commission meeting minutes and the corrections for (2) were obtained from the January 12th, 2016 Village Board meeting minutes.


Scott and Karen Little wanted to construct a driveway in front of their house at 413 South Vine Street.  Although they have a garage in back of their house, they cannot get into it through the alley.  The Littles must first obtain the approval of the village after the utilities superintendent’s inspection, before a cut is made.  Ruth motioned, and Levi seconded, that we recommend to the Village Board that this driveway be constructed.  All agreed.


At 8:10 p.m., Rick motioned, and Jason seconded, that we adjourn the meeting.  All agreed.


Connie Schliffke, Recording Secretary