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April 2010
Volume 7, Issue 5

The Village of Mead Board of Trustees held a Special Meeting on March 23. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. Present were Chairperson Raver, Trustees Feldhaus, Halbmaier, Mayfield and Swanson. Also present were Clerk Moline and Police Chief Carlson.
Action was taken to amend the Agreement for Wastewater Operators through June 1 with the City of Wahoo and Wastewater Operator concern.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:23 p.m.

A Public Meeting was held April 6 at 7:01 p.m. at the Community Building. Present were Chairperson Raver, Trustees Feldhaus, Halbmaier, Mayfield and Swanson. Also present were Clerk Moline, Police Chief Carlson & Street Supt. Ogden. Guests present were John Tresak from Ameritas & approximately sixty residents & landowners.
Ogden provided information on costs to pave First St. from Spruce St. to Co Rd 10 and Pine St. Estimates for First St. were $250,000.00 for concrete 31’ wide with curb & gutter, $249,000.00 for asphalt 31’ wide with curb & gutter and $126,000.00 for asphalt as rural section, 24’ wide, for $126,000.00.
Discussion was held on paving all streets, cost to homeowners, and drainage concerns. It was agreed the board will seek CDBG funding in October following a drainage study and prioritizing of streets to pave.
The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees was held April 13 at 6:00 p.m. Present were Chairperson Raver, Trustees Feldhaus, Halbmaier, Mayfield and Swanson. Also present were Clerk Moline and Police Chief Carlson. Guests present were John Trouba, Eddie Couch, Sabrena Harnish, Tim Laughlin, Nick Raver and Joel Konecky.
John Trouba, SENDD, presented information regarding CDBG funding. Eddie Couch requested displaying a “No Parking” sign along Elm St. between 4th and 5th Sts. Sabrena Harnish discussed no parking and fire pit issues. Nick Raver and Joel Konecky reported condition of the water while fighting a fire and sought repair of a water valve.
Action was taken to approve $75.00 for mudjacking at the depot, approved SENDD for CDBG Grant General Administration Professional Services, granted permission for Mead Community Group to place banners along Elm and Fourth Streets, and hired Adam Miller to strip/finish the floors at the Community Building. Resolution 10-09 – Mutual Finance Agreement between Fire Districts, Resolution 10-10 – Lower Platte North Natural Resources District Hazard Mitigation Plan, Ordinance 594 – Garbage Franchise with Quality Disposal and Ordinance 595 – Garbage Franchise with Waste Connections were adopted. First Reading of Ordinance 596 – Notice to Bidders and Ordinance 597 – Delinquent Utility Notice took place. The village will pay up to $250.00 to alter the steps at the depot due to safety concerns. Brenda Halbmaier and an Alma Lutheran Confirmation student will maintain the island flower bed for community service.
Reports were heard from the Clerk, Police, Planning Commission and Library.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

312 S. Vine St., P.O. Box 46
Mead, NE 68041-0046
Phone: (402) 624-2495
Fax: (402) 624-2024

Ailene Raver, Chairperson
Bobbie Feldhaus, Trustee
Jim Halbmaier, Trustee
Steve Mayfield, Trustee
Dick Swanson, Trustee

June Moline, Clerk/Treas. 624-2495
Keith Walling, Ut/Mnt. Supt. 227-5150
Jerry Carlson, Police Chief 624-2056
Vera Kuhr, Librarian 624-6605
Mike Coyle, Fire Chief 443-7164

Saturday, June 12
9:00 am – 12:00 noon

This event is open to Mead residents ONLY!
All loads will be checked.

Example of items permitted:
Tires (fee will be charged), Appliances, Water heaters, Bicycles, Batteries, Trash.

Items not permitted:
Wood, Grass Clippings, Construction refuse, Tree limbs.

Mead High School Graduation
is scheduled for Saturday, May 15.

Mead Community Group Healthy Family Tip of the Month

In February, the group sponsored an informative seminar on Internet Safety, presented by Teri Effle from the Lincoln Council on Alcohol and Drugs. The weather was not very cooperative, which negatively affected the turnout. Here are some hightlights of the great information Teri gave us that night:

Monitoring your child’s technology usage is the key to health and safety.

Why should we monitor?
*Lots of cyber-bullying, kids being mean to kids online. Adults get into the act too.
*Personal information,like addresses or schedules posted on-line, where anyone can see.
*Internet is used as an excuse to not make friends in “real time”, like at school and in the neighborhood.
How do we help keep kids safe online?
*Search names and e-mails online
*Have computers in a room the whole family shares
*Consider limiting the amount of non-homework computer time
*Check internet caches (history of sights visited)
*Block unwanted web-sites
*Computer games can be networking opportunities as well
Strategies for Kids
*Stop, Block, and Tell! Don’t respond to a person cyber-bullying you, block the individual and tell a trusted adult.
*Keep personal information private.
*Google yourself, keep tabs on the number in the upper right corner. It should not drastically increase under nor mal conditions.

The MCG will now alternate monthly meetings between afternoon and evenings to allow greater group participation. Next meeting is Tuesday, May 11th, 1:00 pm in the library at Mead High School.


7:30 am Prayer in Sanctuary
9:00 am-11:00 am Worship, Coffee & Visiting, Life Groups & Kids Alive

ST. JAMES CATHOLIC 213 E. Eighth St.
5:30 pm Saturday Mass
9:00 am Sunday Mass
(check bulletin for daily mass, generally 7:00 a.m.)

8:30 am Spoken Worship
9:15 am Sunday School for all ages
10:30 am Traditional Worship

Mead Covenant Church Weekly Schedule

6:00 pm Time of Prayer
6:00 am Pursuing God Through Prayer
7:00 pm Men’s Group
7:00 pm Women’s Group (2nd Tuesday of each month)
7:00 pm Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
10:00 am-Noon Primetimer’s (2nd Thursday of each month)
MAY 13th


Panera Bread is delivered to Alma Lutheran Church on the second Saturday of the month as a Community Outreach Project. The bread, rolls and bagels are available on May 8 from 10:00 – 11:00 am in the church basement. All are welcome to come and help themselves to these goodies.


As of April 20, 28 dog licenses and 1 cat license has been issued. All dogs and cats are to be licensed BY MAY 1. Come to the village office to purchase the tags. By doing so, documentation can be made that your pet is current on his rabies vaccination and if lost, we can locate the owner by way of the tag number. Cost is $5.00 intact, $3.00 neutered or spayed. Proof of current rabies vaccination is also required.

Alma Confirmation Class Reunion

Were you confirmed at Alma? Plan on joining your fellow classmates on June 20 at 5pm at Alma for a reunion as part of our 140th Anniversary celebration.


The Wahoo Sheriff’s office will set off the firemen’s pagers if they receive a watch for this area. The fire siren will go up and down a few times. This is only to alert the fire department to be on the watch. It is also a good idea to keep tuned to a local TV channel / radio station if we are in a watch area.

If a funnel is actually spotted, they will blow a steady blast on the siren. This is your signal to take cover at once. For those residents or businesses without basements, go to the Alma Lutheran Church basement, 219 West 5th Street. A fireman will have the doors open if we are in a storm warning.


Village Board: Tuesday, May 11, 7:00 p.m.
Planning Comm: Monday, May 24, 7:30 p.m.
Library Board: Wednesday, May 5, 7:00 p.m.
Fire & Rescue: Monday, May 10, 8:00 p.m.

The Village Board and Planning Commission meet at the Village Office, Library Board at the Library and the Fire Department at the Fire Hall.


THANK YOU, Denise Patocka and Committee Members for spearheading the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Mead on April 3. The children were very excited, the weather pleasant and the day fun filled.

Thanks again for your hard work at volunteering for this project for the children. Also thank you to everyone who contributed money and candy toward the event. A $50.00 Community Grant was once again awarded by Saunders County toward the Easter Egg Hunt.


Saturday, May 1, 2010
8:00 a.m.– 2:00 p.m.
Rain or Shine!
Maps will be available at local businesses.

The Mead Easter Easter-Egg Hunt was a huge success. We had beautiful weather and over 100 participates hunting 2000 eggs and prizes! I am always filled with gratitude watching the parents and children of our community demonstrate respect, friendliness and excitement. I have received many compliments about the community and organization of our event. On behalf of the Mead Easter Easter-Egg Hunt committee, I would like to thank the following individuals or businesses on their generous donations.

Long Construction, Anne Swanson, Dr. Rawson,
Shelly Parsons, Todd Valley Farms, Country Store,
Mrs. Weiss and students, Inez Barrett, Kari Carritt*,
Jenny Carritt*, Sara Nicola*, Wahoo Civic Center,
Jerry, Staci* & Miranda Charles, Victoria Johnson, Moriah Nygren,
Lena, Ray & Nicole Huckeby, Margaret Johnson, Russell Armagost,
Mead Community Group, L & L Spreaders, April Hillstead,
Jeanette & Doug Johnson, Bank of Mead, Insulfoam,
Village of Mead, Mead Fire Department, Courtney Andersen,
The Cruz Family of Mead, Mead Public Library

Again, I have to give thanks to those people and businesses in the community that make it work so well, especially the Committee Members*. Every year we seek donations and appreciate the generosity from everyone. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please feel free to contact any of the committee members denoted with a * by their name. Thanks again for all that you do, we could not do it without you!


Denise Patocka*


The Mead Ball Association/Mead Days is requesting your donation. The Ball Association supports over 100 athletes through softball/baseball, basketball and volleyball. The Ball Association is also the proud sponsor of Mead Days, which is a weekend full of fun activities for all ages. Mark your calendars June 18-20. You can now register for sand volleyball, mud volleyball, beer pong and the fun run. Call Staci Charles 624-2061 or Dalene Selko 624-2255 (w) or 624-2137 (h).

Donations can be dropped off at the Bank of Mead. Cash or bingo items are welcomed.

A special thanks to Bank of Mead, Village of Mead, Saunders County, Todd Fick, Kent and Linda Sweet, Dick and Kay Pelster, AWS, Insulfoam, Mead Signs, Todd Valley Farms, Judy Rasmus, Big Rig and Zima Equipment for already making their donations.

SOFTBALL/BASEBALL GAMES….The baseball and softball field will be busy starting games in April and run through June. Stop by and see your favorite team play. Several coaches have volunteered their time to help assist with softball and baseball this year.
Doug Patocka 8U Girls, Brian Streit 8U Girls, Mary Laughlin 12U Girls, Tim Hannan 18U Girls, PJ Nicola 8U Boys, Jason Swerczek 8U Boys, Tim Dickes 9/10 Boys and Jim Halbmaier 11/12 Boys. A special thanks to them as well as others who are assisting the coaches. The concessions stands will be operated under Alma Lutheran Church Youth Group.

Mead Library News 2010 April by Vera Kuhr, Librarian

Happy Spring and the flowers have been gorgeous and I am looking forward to the lilacs.

Summer reading : I have one volunteer so far but I could use at least one more. We are meeting on Tues April 20th – probably in the morning. Please come if you would like to have some input in this program.

May is the time we attend the Scholastic book warehouse sale and we will we adding new elementary age titles. This is sponsored in part by the Spaghetti Feed fundraiser and other monies that the Friends/Foundation has accumulated. Donations are always welcome.

Graduation is coming!! The library will close at 12:00 on that day – May 15th.

Adult Materials: Michael Palmer – “The Last Surgeon”; Robert Parker – “Night and Day”, “Sea Change”, “Stranger in Paradise”, “Split Image”; John Sandford – “The Hanged Man’s Song”; James Patterson – “Cross” (first copy was lost), “Third Degree” and “Beach House” (older titles that I did not have); Janet Evonovich – “Hero at Large”; Joy Fielding – “The Wild Zone” and a new assortment of paper backs.

Juvenile Materials: Jeff Kinney – “The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary”; Tomi DePaola – “My Mother is So Smart”; Susan Meddaugh – “Martha Says It With Flowers” (Martha Speaksabout horses.