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Volume 10, Issue 3

MARCH 2015



     The Board of Trustees met in a Special Meeting on January 20 at 6:00 p.m.  Present were Chairman Guyle; Trustees Havelka, Wielage and Wimer.  Absent was Trustee Nicola.  Also present were Clerk Moline and Attorney Duncan Young.  Executive Session was called to discuss litigation.  Action was taken to agree to a $100,000 settlement of all outstanding issues between the parties in the land dispute.  The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.


     A Regular Meeting of the Village of Mead Board of Trustees was held February 10 at 6:00 p.m.  Present were Chairman Guyle; Trustees Havelka, Nicola and Wimer.  Absent was Trustee Wielage.  Also present were Clerk Moline and Police Chief Carlson.  Guests present were Ed Schroeder, Denise Patocka and Viki Miller.

     SPECIAL GUEST:  Ed Schroeder recommended the best avenue for paying the additional cost for the land purchased for the wastewater lagoons.

     REPORTS:  UTILITY/MAINTENCE SUPT. – Reported were testing fees for a test well, annual inspection of Well 92, meter maintenance and future plan for meter inspections.  POLICE:  The monthly report was reviewed as well as discussion of nuisances.  PLANNING COMMISSION:  The minutes of the January 26 Regular Meeting were reviewed.  CLERK:  Moline presented bid for picnic tables and obtained support to attend the 2016 IIMC Conference in Omaha.  LIBRARY:  Library Board Chair Patocka reported the resignation of Nancy Black as Library Director and plans for replacement hire, requested an additional 5 hours for the library to be open to the public and reviewed the January 21 Library Board meeting minutes. 

     NEW BUSINESS:  Action was taken to approve:  annual well inspection agreement for $225.00 with Sargent Drilling; seek a five-year loan from the Bank of Mead for land settlement; adopt Resolution 15-04, Special Designated Liquor License to Mead Volunteer Fire Dept. to sponsor Alumni Basketball Get-together at the Community Bldg. on March 20 and 21; adopt Resolution 15-06, $40,951.00 loan from the Bank of Mead to purchase a v-plow, tractor and tractor shredder and blade; approved first reading of Ord. 657, Nuisance Abatement and approved 3% raise to Clerk/Treasurer.  Discussion was held on amending the Water/Sewer Installment Plan.

     The meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.



Saturday, April 4

Mead Community Building

1:30—3:00 PM


Green Acre Animal Clinic will be present to administer pet vaccinations and the Village Clerk will be available to issue dog and cat licenses with proof of current rabies vaccination.  Also available will be vaccinations of rabies, distemper/parvo for dogs and rabies/distemper for cats.  Products available to purchase will be Heartgaad and Frontline.  Blood tests for heartworm can also be completed onsite.  Cost to license your pet is $4.00 altered / $6.00 intact.


All dogs and cats within the corporate limits are required to be licensed by May 1.

 LIBRARY NEWS by Nancy Black, Library Director


On January 24th the Mead Public Library held the first FREE Movie Matinee at the library.  The movie was shown on a new 50 inch screen television purchased with recently received grant money from a grant written by the Library Director.  9 guests were welcomed for our matinee and enjoyed free popcorn with their movie.  Thank-you to all of our patrons for supporting this new programming.

On February 28th at 12:30 Get READY for our next MOVIE MATINEE!!!  Mead Public Library will be proud to present a movie about a Hero who is Big and 6!  (our public performance site license prohibits us from using the name of the movie in advertising).  Then on March 14th at 12:30 there will be a Teen/Adult MOVIE MATINEE!!!  This movie will feature a Jay who is Mocking, it is part one of a 2 part sequel to the Hunger Games series.

See YOU at the library!


January/February New Materials:
The World of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin; The Native Americans; an Illustrated History (donation); The Family Circle Christmas Treasure (donation); Scented Treasures by Stephanie Donaldson (donation); Hope to Die, Mistress and Private India:  City of Fire by James Patterson (donations); Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell (donation); Making Potpourri, Colognes and Soaps by David Webb (donation); Lone Wolf  by Jodi Picoult (donation); Nature’s Sketchbook by Marjolean Baston (donation); Bad Luck and Trouble and  Echo Burning by Lee Child (donations) ; Night Probe! by Clive Cussler (donation); Train to Durango and Whiskey River by Ralph Compton (donations); The Devil’s Badland by J.A. Johnstone (donation);  The Last Mountain Man by William Johnstone (donation); Texas Blood Feud by Dusty Richards (donation); Ride to Valor by David Robins (donation); The Iron King, The Strangled Queen, The Poison Crown and The Royal Succession by Maurice Druon (Library Director series pick); The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick; I’ll be Home for Christmas by Fern Michaels (donation); Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (patron pick); My Grandfather’s Blessings and Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. (patron pick); Box Trolls (DVD); Gone Girl (DVD); My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish by Mo O’Hara; Lucy (DVD); The Book of Life (DVD); The Judge (DVD); From Hell to Here A World War II Autobiography by Benny  Hochman (author donation)


The dump hours will revert to the April – November hours on April 1.  The dump will be open Wednesday’s from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Saturday hours will be 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Items permitted are tree branches, weeds, leaves and grass clippings only.  All items are to be unbagged.


A dumpster is available on-site for disposal of metal/iron products.  All items disposed at the dumpsite will be checked.


The dump is open to Mead residents only at a charge of $2.00 per load, payable to the dumpmaster.




The Village of Mead is in need of a member of the Planning Commission.  If you are concerned about the community and are willing to learn zoning regulations, this is the opportunity for you.  You must reside within the corporate limits of Mead.  Terms are three-years, with this term ending May, 2017.

     Contact the Village Office, a member of the Board of Trustees or a member of the Planning Commission to express your interest.



Saturday, May 2

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Maps will be available at local businesses


If you wish to be placed on the Village Garage Sale map, please contact the Village Office at 402-624-2495



Upcoming events –

VILLAGE OF MEAD CLEAN-UP DAY: Saturday, May 30 9:00am – 12:00pm for Mead residents only

MEAD DAYS:  Thursday, Friday & Saturday, June 19, 20 & 21



 ST. JAMES CATHOLIC  213 E. Eighth St. / 402-624-3555

5:30p.m. – Saturday Vigil

9:00a.m. – Sunday Mass

Weekly Schedule

7:00a.m. – Daily Mass – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

8:00a.m. – Daily Mass – Saturday, when scheduled

ALMA LUTHERAN  219 W. Fifth St. / 402-624-3015

8:30a.m. – Worship – First Sunday of the month

9:15a.m. – Sunday School for all ages (no Sunday School first Sunday of the month)

10:30a.m. – Worship—All other Sundays


PANERA BREAD – FREE TO THE PUBLIC, available the Saturday following the second Friday of the month.  MARCH 14, 10:00 am—11:00 am in the church basement.


MEAD COVENANT  1540 Co Rd 10 / 402-624-6125

9:00a.m. – Coffee & Visiting

10:00a.m. – Worship Service (grade school age children dismissed for Kids Alive @ 10:30, nursery available during the service)

Wednesday’s – MCC serves a free meal to anyone in the community from 6:00 – 6:45 pm.  (Please join us, there are no requirements or expectations!  If you’re coming for the first time, please consider calling the church office at 624-6125 to let us know how many are attending so we can prepare accordingly.  If you cannot call prior to coming the first time, it’s okay, come anyway.)  6:45 pm – Kids in Action; 7:00 pm – Student Ministries (Jr/Sr High); 7:15 pm – Adult Group

Thursday’s – 7:00 pm – Prayer Encounter


Community Survey

A Community Survey will be forthcoming seeking CDBG funding. The initial survey will be mailed to all residents of Mead.  Your cooperation would be appreciated in seeking grants for future infrastructure projects.


Easter Egg Hunt

   Saturday, March 28, 2015—10 AM



1st & Elm – Mead, NE


Ages 0 – 12

Lots of prizes and candy!!!


For questions or to donate:  Lena Huckeby 402-277-6079



Thank you, Nancy Black for serving as the Village Library Director for the past two years.  Good luck on your new assignment.



(effective February 24)

TUESDAY:  10 am – 5 pm

WEDNESDAY:  3 pm – 7 pm

THURSDAY:  10 am – 4 pm

FRIDAY:  10 am – 2 pm

SATURDAY:  10 am – 2 pm


Mead Community Group – Thoughts for the Month


“Tag, You’re It!”.  A book I’ve been reading really caught my attention, suggesting a number of ways, 50 actually, to engage and communicate with the teens and young adults in our lives.  So often, even the ones we love and live with send up defensive walls that seem to shut us out of their lives, when actually they need and want our attention and input.  And what about the “other kids”, those we brush shoulders with, those who don’t look as though they even want to make eye contact?  Would we want to try to make a difference in their lives, and how would we go about it?  Here are just a few of the 50 suggestions:

            Smile.  When our young person comes through the door from school, or a date, or a part-time job, the first thing they would see is a smile.  Greeting with a smile doesn’t cost one thing and it might open a dialogue about their day.  And the youth we see on the street – a smile might warm an otherwise troubled day.

            Notice and act.  Paying attention to body language, facial expressions, give us clues from which we might open discussions.  So much teen communication is non-verbal, but we need to commit to following up as much as possible. 

            Listen.  Really listen when they do open up and talk.  The classic way is to sit facing one another, tuning out distractions, and not interrupting until they have had their say.  Not that easy to do, but try it.  

            Help them move through frustrations.  If your young person has vented his problems openly, and is in the mood for advice, we can share from our own experiences that often “this too shall pass.”  If the problem is more serious we may need to explore professional options with them.

            Expect and show respect.  Of all our human needs, Respect might be one of the highest.  Respect validates us, no matter our station in life.  Showing respect to young people, possibly before we even think they’ve earned it, may help them reach higher than they might otherwise.

            These suggestions can apply to youth in our own families, but it might mean even more to young people we casually know or encounter.  We can all be “It” in someone’s life.


Next MCG meeting will be on March 3, 7:00 PM at the Mead High School Commons



Village Board:  Tuesday, March 10, 6:00pm

Planning Commission: Monday, March 23, 7:30pm

Library Board:  Wednesday, March 18, 6:30pm

Fire & Rescue:  Monday, March 9, 7:30pm

The Village Board & Planning Commission meet at the Village Office, Library Board at the Library and Fire & Rescue at the Fire Station.



312 S. Vine St., Box 46

Mead, NE  68041-0046Telephone 402-624-2495Fax 402-624-2024


Gary Guyle, Chairman

Shawn Havelka, Trustee

PJ Nicola, Trustee

Richard Wielage, Trustee

Rod Wimer, Trustee