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Village of Mead


Volume 11, Issue 7

JULY 2016



     The Village of Mead Board of Trustees held a Regular Meeting on June 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Office.  Present were Chairman Havelka; Trustees Felty, Wielage and Wimer.  Absent was Trustee Guyle.  Also present were Clerk Moline; Utility/Maintenance Supt. Raver and Police Chief Carlson.  Guests were Ben Day and Patty Knott. 

     The minutes of the 5/10 Regular Meeting and Public Hearing were approved as were the Treasurer’s Report and claims.

   SCHEDULED GUEST:  Ben Day, Olsson Associates, presented the process and financial information for a water project, annexation project and condemnation process.

     UNSCHEDULED GUEST:  Patty Knott inquired about possible annexation of her property.

     REPORTS:  Police/Zoning Admin./Nuisance Enforcement Officer:  Carlson presented the Monthly Police Activity Report.  Discussion was held on zoning concerns; satisfaction of a nuisance filed on a property; and conversation regarding allowing ATV’s/UTV’s on the streets of Mead.  Utility/Maintenance Supt.:  Raver requested permission for a farmer to plant soybeans at 309 W. Second St. and updated the board on street repairs.  A request for a “No Trespassing” sign be placed at the dump entrance was approved.  Planning Commission:  The minutes of the 5/23 were accepted.  Permits approved were 16-05, Jon and Amanda Lee – front deck extension; 16-06, James and Linda Malik  – construct a garage; 16-07, Nick Raver – erect a 6’ privacy fence; and 16-08, Gregory Larson – demolish barn.  Melissa Konecky and Connie Schliffke were reappointed to a three-year term.  Library:  The minutes of the 5/18 Library Board Meeting were accepted.  Clerk:  Moline reported on recent attendance at the International Institute of Municipal Clerk’s Conference held in Omaha.

   NEW BUSINESS:  The following action was approved:  proposal from OPPD to install a new one-phase overhead transformer to a building at 309 W. Second St. for $8,843.00; bid from SECO for $2,650.00 to install electrical hook-up to a building at 309 W. Second St.; rental of the tar machine to Mead Public Schools for $100.00 with conditions that they purchase their own product and propane and return the tar machine to the shop nightly; Resolution 16-10, Special Designated Liquor License to Michael Beckman to host a wedding reception at the Mead Community Building on July 30; and Ordinance No. 684, amend Chapter 9, Article 9, Flood Plan.

     Moline reported she has been cleaning the park restrooms and will do so through ball season and that Dan Konecky will perform numerous clean up duties during Mead Days.  Clerk directed to compose and present an ordinance for consideration of approval of ATV’s and UTV’s on Mead streets at an upcoming meeting.  Amendment of the golf cart ordinance will be reviewed in the future.  Budget item considerations were discussed.  Filing deadlines for the Board of Trustees was presented.

     The meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.



Dates to file for the Village of Mead Board of Trustees is July 15 for incumbents and August 1 for non-incumbents.  Apply at the Saunders County Election Commissioner’s Office in Wahoo.



Village and One-mile Extraterritorial Residents


Prior to beginning any construction or fencing project, an APPLICATION FOR A BUILDING PERMIT must be approved by the Mead Planning Commission.  Construction projects excluded are accessory buildings less than 150 sq. ft. that meet variance requirements and residential sidewalks and driveways.  An application must also be approved if you plan to REMOVE or DEMOLISH A BUILDING.  If a project is started prior to approval, a $100.00 penalty fee is added to the project cost.  You must contact the village office to be placed on the agenda 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Since the board meets on Monday, the agenda request must be submitted no later than Friday at 10:00 a.m.



Prior to erecting a swimming pool, you must adhere to the following guidelines:  Any pool, spa or hot tub containing at least 18” of water is REQUIRED to be enclosed by a fence with a minimum height of 4’ and maximum height of 6’ with no opening greater than 4” or larger.  All gates are to be locked when not in use.  Hot tubs and spas are not required to have fencing if they have locking tops and are kept locked when not in use.  All chemicals and supplies must be stored in a secure area.  Pools, spas and hot tubs are not to be drained into the sanitary sewer system.



All grass and weeds are to be maintained at a height no greater than 12”.  Grass clippings are NOT to be mowed into the streets.  Homeowner’s are required to trim tree branches to a height of at least 14’ above the surface of a street or sidewalk abutting their property.




     Water meters are read the last week of the month with bills then mailed to users.  Payment is expected the 15th day the following month.  If payment is not received the following day or Monday morning after the 15th BY 9:00 A.M. a late charge of $10.00 will be added and letters indicating so will be mailed.  You will be provided ten working days to make payment or your water/sewer will be discontinued.  In order to re-establish service you will need to pay a re-connection/administration fee prior to having your service restored.  The fee is $50.00 or $65.00 if the request is made after hours, weekends or holidays. 

     Your payment in the form or cash or check may be delivered to the Village Office; mailed to Box 46, Mead, NE 68041-0046; delivered to the drop-box located by the Village Office front door; or delivered to the Bank of Mead.


DOG OWNERS—Please keep your dogs on leash when off your property.  You are required by village code to remove your dog’s excrement from public / private property other than your own!  DOG AND CAT OWNERS— All dogs and cats are required to be licensed by MAY 1.  If you haven’t licensed your pet in 2016, please contact the village office at 402-624-2495 to do so.  The cost is $6.00 unaltered and $4.00 altered animal


WANTED:  The Village of Mead is in need of a member to serve on the Planning Commission.  If you are concerned about the community and willing to learn zoning regulations, please contact the Village Office at 402-624-2495 or a member of the Board of Trustees or Planning Commission.



ALMA LUTHERAN  219 W. Fifth St. / 402-624-3015

  8:30a.m. – Sunday Worship – First Sunday of the month

10:30a.m. – Sunday Worship – All other Sundays


PANERA BREAD – FREE TO THE PUBLIC, Saturday following the second Friday of the month – JULY 9

MEAD COVENANT  1540 Co Rd 10 / 402-624-6125

10:00a.m. – Sunday Encounter Service


6:00p.m. – We’d like to treat you to a FREE meal!

7:00p.m. – Adult Groups, Jr & Sr High Youth Group

7:15p.m. – Kids in Action (elementary age children)


ST. JAMES CATHOLIC  213 E. Eighth St. / 402-624-3555

5:30p.m. – Saturday Vigil

9:00a.m. – Sunday Mass

Weekly Schedule

7:00a.m. – Daily Mass – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

8:00a.m. – Daily Mass – Saturday, when scheduled



Thank-you to members of the Village of Mead Board of Trustees: Jason Felty, Gary Guyle, Shawn Havelka, Rick Wielage and Rod Wimer; and Matan Grasiani, Jon Lee, and June Moline for their help during Mead Clean-up Day.   The village collected four dumpsters of discarded items and two dumpsters of iron / metal products.  Good job residents!



Summer Library Hours

Tuesdays  10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm                         Fridays  9am-2pm

Wednesdays  4pm-7pm                                 Saturdays  10am-2pm

                    Thursdays  11am-6pm                                                  Closed:  Sunday and  Monday


Monthly Schedule

Coffee Houris scheduled every Tuesday at 10am and Story Time for young children is offered every Thursday at 4pm and Saturdayat 11am.

The Lunch Bunch Book Clubwill meet 1130am-1230pm on Friday, July 15. All residents are welcome to stop by and enjoy the book discussion, dessert, and coffee.

The Library Boardwill meet Wednesday, July 20, at 530pm. This session will focus on strategic planning for the library. It is open to the public and the agenda is posted inside the library and the Mead Post Office prior to the meeting.

Upcoming Special Events

Seed Swap –Wednesday, July 6, from 6-7 pm.  Bring as many seed packets as you’d like to swap. All ages are welcome to participate.

Movie Time –Thursday, July 14, from 1-3pm.  Join us for a PG-Rated movie.

Stuffed Animal (or doll/toy) Sleep Over – Friday, July 22 from 630-730pm.  All ages welcome. Bring your stuffed animal to the library for a bedtime story and tuck him/her in for an overnight at the library.  Be sure to bring him/her a pillow and blanket. Then join us the next morning, Saturday, July 23, at1030am for breakfast and to pick up your friend.  Please RSVP to the library before 1 pm Friday, July 15, by calling 402.624.6605, emailing, or stopping by 316 South Vine Street. 

Birdhouse Painting – Tuesday, July 26.  Stop by anytime between 530-7pm and paint a birdhouse to take home.  Fun for all ages!  Please RSVP to the library by 5 pm Tuesday, July 19.


Thank You

Thanks to Dale Rawson and LaVern Taylor for repairing the library drop box.  We appreciate Kyla Hrdlicka, Edgar Hernandez, Liz Gibney, Connie Schliftke, Jan Behrens, and Melissa Konecky volunteering at Summer Reading Camp June 7-10. 


From the Mead Community Group, July 2016


     First of all, many, many thanks to Mead Public School for allowing us to use the HS Commons for our Mead Days double feature movie on Saturday.  We also appreciate the youth of Mead Evangelical Covenant Church for their participation in the Friday Night Pop Garden, where free pop and games were offered. We are grateful for the grant that enables us to offer kid-friendly entertainment. We also thank Alma Lutheran Church for including MCG in their fund-raising picnic on June 12. Your show of support for our efforts to help families encourage healthy choices and lifestyles for our young people means the world to us. 


     Now, back to the book, “Parenting at the Speed of Teens”, a few thoughts now that summer is upon us.  Back in the old days, when I was young, summer meant being outdoors most of the time, but now we battle the enticements of television and internet that keep our young ones indoors instead.  One thing would be agreed-upon boundaries – this much time indoors = outdoor activities.  Encourage reading, possibly sitting on the porch swing.  Our Mead Public Library has much to offer in books and tapes, as well as activities planned for all ages throughout the summer. Our area abounds in cultural, historical destinations – just read the Thursday Omaha World Herald GO section.  Summer can be such a wonderful time for adventure.  We hope yours is enjoyable.


September 6th will be our next meeting, at 6:30 PM in the HS Commons.  Please join us in how to use our almost $9000 grant money for next year.



312 S. Vine St., Box 46

Mead, NE  68041-0046
Telephone 402-624-2495
Fax 402-624-2024




Shawn Havelka, Chairman

Gary Guyle, Trustee

Jason Felty, Trustee

Richard Wielage, Trustee

Rod Wimer, Trustee


June Moline, Clerk/Treasurer 402-624-2495

Nick Raver, Utility/Maint. Supt. 402-443-9688

Jerry Carlson, Police Chief 402-443-6846

Lori Moseman, Library Director 402-624-6605

Laurie VanAckeren, Ass’t Library Director

Nick Raver, Fire Chief 402-443-9688



Village Board:  Tuesday, July 12, 6:00 pm

Planning Comm.: Monday, July 25, 7:30 pm

Library Board:  Wednesday, July 20, 5:30 pm

Fire & Rescue:  Monday, July 11, 7:30 pm


The Village Board & Planning Commission meet at the Village Office, Library Board at the Library and Fire/Rescue at the Fire Station.


Thank you, Dalene  Selko and  Staci  Charles for co-chairing the Mead Days celebration.  Also, Scott Selko and Jerry Charles and all of the volunteers who helped make this annual event a success.  Your dedication and hard work is very much appreciated.


A special shout out to the many who contributed to a successful baseball / softball season.  Thank you to the many coaches, umpires, Lyle Havelka and Nick Raver for field preparation, concession workers, and the members of the Mead Ball Association.  It was a great season!




Sand Volleyball – We had 7 teams entered into our Sand Volleyball Tournament with great entertainment this year.  It was fun for our players as well as our spectators. 

Champions:  Keshia Havelka, Shawn Havelka, Miranda Charles and Scott Selko

Second Place:  Nate Raver, Emily Kmiecik, Tommy Ruzek and Taylor Hansen


Chinese Horseshoes – We had 28 teams entered into Chinese Horseshoes with Kurt and Hop Christensen as the winners.


Horseshoes – Fourteen teams entered the event with Roger Johnson and Henry Johnson crowned champions.


Beer Pong – We had 25 Beer Pong teams enter and the winners were Josh Charles and Alex Carritt.


Kiddie Tractor Pull– We had 9 participants in the Kiddie Tractor Pull with winners being:  Ages 4-5 :  Benjamin Popken, Ages 6-7:  Avery VanSlyke and Ages 8-9:  Quinn Carritt.


Fun Run – We had 64 participants with Kaleb Weist the overall winner with a time of 17.41 minutes.

0-15 Female                         0-15 Male                                            16-30 Female                       16-30 Male

1st:  Jessica Sjodin              1st:  David Delahoyde                        1st:  Brooke Koehler           1st:  Kaleb Weist

2nd:  Laura Kuhr                 2nd:  Dominic Delahoyde                  2nd:  Maggie Holub            2nd:  Robert Delah

3rd:  Emily Kuhr                  3rd:  Emilio Silva                                 3rd:  Lauren Wielage          3rd:  Darren Kelley


31-54 Female                       31-54 Male                                           55+ Female                           55+ Male

1st:  Darsey Zwiener           1st:  Josh Barker                                  1st:  Mary Casey                 1st:  Ken Taylor

2nd:  Nicole Barker             2nd:  Aaron Delahoyde                     

3rd:  Hannah Anderson     3rd:  Shawn Havelka


BBQ Contest – A special thank-you to Shawn Havelka (Wham Blasted BarBQue), Lyle Havelka (Sloppy Seconds),  Matan Grasiani (Kosher Pork), Rod Wimer (Git R Done), Casey Zwiener (Smokin’ Bandits), and Jake Hightower (No Clue BBQ).  A lot of time and money goes into preparing the food and providing us with so many delicious entrees.  A special thank you to our judges who donated their time to this event.  They are all professional and certified judges.


Pork – Total of 6 entries (scores are in parenthesis)                       Chicken– Total of 6 entries

1st:  Wham Blasted BarBQue – (181)                                             1st:  Git R Done (173)

2nd:  Kosher Pork (173)                                                                     2nd:  Kosher Pork (170)

3rd:  Git R Done (171)                                                                        3rd:  Wham Blasted BarBQue (165)


Chef’s Choice – Total of 9 entries                                                    Cooker’s Choice – Total of 6 entries

1st:  No Clue BBQ (184)                                                                    1st Tie:  Wham Blasted BarBQue and Sloppy Seconds (2)

2nd:  Wham Blasted BarBQue (178)                                              2nd Tie:  No Clue BBQ and Git R Done (1)

3rd:  Kosher Pork (175)


BBQ Sauce – Total of 6 entries                                                         Side Dish – Total of 7 entries

1st:  Smokin’ Bandits (121)                                                              1st:  Kosher Pork (183)

2nd:  Sloppy Seconds (113)                                                              2nd:  Git R Done (177)

3rd:  Wham Blasted BarBQue (112)                                               3rd:  Smokin’ Bandits (172)


Desserts – Total of 3 entries                                                              

1st:  Michelle Kuhr (179)  

2nd Tie:  Michelle Kuhr and Laurie VanAckeren (177)                                                              


Report of Mead Days 2016~ by Dalene Selko, Co-chair


It may have been hot but we still had a great turnout.  The weekend kicked off with great polka music provided by Dean Hansen, DJ music provided by Wayne Kriefels, and 25 teams participating in the Beer Pong Tournament.  To cap off the evening, fireworks were provided by J and M Display who did an awesome job again this year.  The Mead Community Group provided fun games for middle age children prior to the fireworks.  A special thank you to Mary Linscomb for singing the National Anthem.  Also a nice rain shower capped the night off.  We couldn’t have had a successful Mead Days without rain!


Saturday began with the Fun Run with 64 participants.  The weather was great!  A special thanks to the Mead Community Group for providing a water station along the route for the runners.  Continued activities were 7 teams participating in the Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament, 14 Horseshoe teams and over 25 entries in the parade.  Mary Hass sang the Star Spangled Banner and PJ Quinn served as MC for the parade.  Additional activities were kid games, pony rides, movies (sponsored by the Mead Community Group), a Kiddie Tractor Pull, a special show presented by the Real Princesses of Omaha, a Magic Show by Jeff Quinn, and Blow-up games provided by Big Red Bounce House.  We had 28 teams participate in the Chinese Horseshoes contest.


A special thanks to Papa Bear Carving for being on-site throughout Saturday demonstrating his talents at carving for all of us to see.  As a fundraiser, we were able to auction off four items created by Papa Bear Carving.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a carving and for your help with the auction.  A special thanks to Tim Dickes and PJ Quinn for serving as our auctioneers.  Also a special thank you to NMC Cat for the use of their generator to help with the kids’ blow ups.


Saturday evening we featured a great street dance by the Bucka Ruse.  The dance was sponsored by the Mead Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.  A special thank you to Kerry Knuth for the use of his trailer for the event.


Sunday rolled around and I don’t think anyone left the park hungry due to eating all of the great BBQ food.  A special thanks to all of the contestants.  We had several BBQ contestants with multiple food entries.  We had a blast and the judges commented how much they loved the food.  The backyard games were set up to enjoy while listening to great music by Kevin Johnson.  It was a lot of fun and some great food was shared with the community.  A special thanks to Eddie Couch for setting up a Slip and Slide for the kids to enjoy during the day.


Overall the weekend was a huge success for everyone.  We had all-aged visitors from all over.  The Mead Days Committee, Mead Ball Association and Mead Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department would like to thank everyone for participating.  A special thanks to all of the volunteers who made this weekend a success.  Also, a special thank you to the people who live near the park for the use of their electricity and allowing us to have these events at the park.  Without your dedication and donations Mead Days would not be possible.  Thanks again and mark your calendars now for next year’s Mead Days, June 15-17, 2017.  It’s always the third weekend in June.



We would like to give a HUGE THANKS to all of our Mead Days 2016 Donors!!!


GOLD DONORS ($100.00 and Up):  AltEn Operating – Mead Ethanol Plant; AWS Well Co, Inc.; Bank of Mead; Bergman Trucking; Big Red Bounce; Bucka Ruse; Buckmaster Construction; Charles Surveying; Country Drive Golf Course; Crop Production Services, Inc.; Double Eagle Beverages; Dean Hansen; Feldhaus Ventures; Frontier Co-op; John Haag; Lyle and Keshia Havelka; Dan and Roberta Havelka; Hilltop Country Club; Inspro Insurance; Insulfoam, Doug and Jeannette Johnson; Kerry and Angela Knuth; Konecky Oil; Matan’s Welding; Mead Cattle Co.; Mead Community Group; Mead Signs; Miller Lawn Service; NMC Cat; Chuck Parsons; Karen Porter – Oriental Trading; Raider Nation Auto Plex, LLC; Raikes Farm Enterprise; Rusty Rooster; S2 Roll-offs and Refuse; Saunders County Development; SECO Electric; Dalene Selko – Mark Kay; Scott and Dalene Selko; Sid Dillon Chevrolet – Wahoo; St. James Catholic Church; Subbert Well Service; Sun Mart; Todd Valley Farms; Village of Mead; Wahoo Civic Center; Wahoo State Bank; Moriah Wellman – Mary and Martha; Wylee Anderson Livestock Grain


SILVER DONORS ($50.00 – $99.00):  Alma Lutheran Church; Big Rig Truck Accessories; Elizabeth Bladt – Jamberry Nails and Hooked on Crocheting by Mslizziebeth; Case Implement; Casey’s General Store; Country Store; Cubby’s Convenience Store; G & L Café; Vera and Ray Huckeby; Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy; R-Designs; Svoboda Funeral Home; Kent and Linda Sweet; Vine Street Market; Wanahoo Aviation; Water Engineering, Inc.


BRONZE DONORS ($49.00 and Under):  Advantas; Alcapulco Mexican Grill; Anchor Insurance – Erick Hancock; Because Art Studio; Bomgaars; Burger King; Catching Rays; Chip’s Restaurant and Bar; Cindy Reed Photography; Creative Hair Works; Dailey Real Estate; Dairy Queen; Farm Bureau Insurance; Farmers Mutual Insurance; Heavenly Dreams; Hoot and Sadie; Trudy Hrdlicka; James and Bonnie Edins; Jeris’ Café; Edward Jones; Found and Flora; Fud and Tracy’s Plumbing and Heating; Jason Glock DDS; Great Western Bank; Green Acre Animal Clinic; Husker Water Specialists, Inc.; Hy-Vee; Lasting Looks; Lindley Clothing; Loerch’s Jewelry and Gifts; Lucille’s Gift Shop; Merck Animal Health; Mocha K’s; Pay Pal; Pizza Hut; Platte Valley John Deere; Judy Rasmus – The Hair Studio; Runza; Simons Home Store; Studio123; Triple C Storage; Urban Pharmacy; Wahoo Auto Parts/Car Quest; Wahoo Bakery; Wahoo Nails; Wahoo Pharmacy; Wahoo Newspaper; Wahoo Super; Warehouse Surplus; Window Box