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Library Board Special Meeting 25-JUL-18

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Special Budget Meeting of the Mead Library Board of Trustees

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


  1. President Paulette Mayfield called the meeting to order at 230pm
  2. Members present: Paulette Mayfield (2020), Viki Miller (2020), Jennifer Lee (2022), Layla Giorgakopoulos (2022) Absent: None
  3. Discussed was the budget for 2018/2019. As we do not have accurate figures for insurance and accounting (professional fees), we will continue to estimate our budget for insurance at $1,350.00 and professional fees at $500.00
  4. We need to make sure the Mead Village Board understands that we added a Capital Outlay line on the budget proposal for a one time computer purchase at $1000.00 per Accountant Ed Schroeder
  5. The Board considered the Village Clerk’s request that the Library Director provide a list of municipalities that permit non-residents to serve on their Library Boards. After discussion of this request, Mayfield made a motion that, since the Clerk indicated the Mead Planning commission already allows board members who live within one mile of the city limits to serve, the same language specifying that could be used for the Mead Library Board.
  6. The motion was seconded by Lee. Vote: Mayfield-Yes, Miller-Yes, Lee-Yes, Giorgakopoulos-Yes. Motion carried 4-0
  7. President Mayfield reminded the Board that she will be resigning as The Library Board President effective August 1, 2018.


Motion by Mayfield, Second by Miller to adjourn at 315pm