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Mead Library Board
Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2015
Present:  Nancy Black, Sara Nicola, Jenny Carritt, Mary Laughlin, Denise Patocka, and Kristi Kavan

Next Meeting: February 17, 2015, 15 6:30 p.m.

A Regular Meeting of the Mead Public Library Board was held on January 21, 2015, at 6:30 p.m.  Denise Patocka called the meeting to order.  Kristin Kavan read the minutes of the November 19, meeting.  Motion by Patocka, second by Carritt, to approve the minutes with corrections.

Old Business:
• The board needs 20 CE units by August 2017 and 21.5 CE units needed by the director by June 2017. There are a couple events coming up the board can look into.
• ELS grant funds arrived. Television, DVD player and stand was purchased. A matinee movie day will be held January 24 and a second movie on Feb. 28. Going to ask the Friends at their next meeting if they will purchase some bean bag chairs.
• The spaghetti feed fundraiser is coming up. The start time will be 5:00. Everyone needs to bring a 9×13 pan of bars. Denise contacted the student council sponsor to have them bring bars also. Jenny has purchased to go containers. Nancy will make sure the Friends purchase napkins and cups. Mary will get the instant tea. Denise or Sara will get the parmesan cheese.

New Business:
• Library Advocacy Day for CE units in Lincoln on March 10. April 24 there is “Why NE needs libraries” workshop which is also eligible for CE units.
• Nancy would like to extend the library hours to be open on Friday from 10-2 and change the hours on Thursday from 10 to noon (plus the already scheduled evening hours) with an anticipated start date of March 1. This would be another 5 hours per week. Last year we only used 91.1% of wages for the expense account and only 95.9% of total annual budget was used. Nancy would like to use the Friday time to sponsor an adult “book to movie” club and possibly also have a toddler story time.
Denise believes we need to go to the Village Board for approval. Denise will check into this to be sure. Increasing our hours could also possibly bump up our accreditation and get us additional state money. Upon approval by the Village of Mead Board, the governing board approves the increase in hours as long as it stays within budget.
• At the next meeting we would like to create goals for Donna and Mary.
• We need to check with June and/or Nick about the decorative street lighting. Nick indicates a timer must be broke for the street lighting. It makes the library non-inviting plus is a safety issue for when the librarians and patrons are leaving at night. Board discussed adding a light fixture above the front door.
• November statistics – 147 checkouts from library and 43 checkouts from Overdrive. 172 persons visited the library and two book club kits.
• December statistics – 173 checkouts from library and 41 checkouts from Overdrive. 183 persons visited the library and one book club kit.
• Total saved to patrons in 2014 was $37,504.58.
• The expense reports, petty cash and profit and loss reports for November and December were reviewed.  Motion by Carritt, second by Patocka, to approve the November and December financial reports. We need to talk to June about the Library materials budget. We are showing over budget on GL 237.107. Should some of this be coming out of GL 234.107? Upon clarification of the materials budget, the expense reports, petty cash and profit and loss reports are approved. Motion by Carritt, second Nicola.
• Friends of the Library minutes and treasurer’s reports were reviewed. We would like Nancy to create a wish list for 2015 for the Friends.

Motion by Kavan, second by Nicola, to adjourn the meeting.
Kristi Kavan, Secretary