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Mead Public Library Board Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2019

Members Present: Viki Miller(2020), Jennie Gasiani(2022), Jennifer Lee(2022), and Paulette Mayfield(2020)

Absent: Layla Giorgakopoulos(2022)

Library Staff Present: Library Assistant Roberta Kisling

  1. Call to Order at 554 pm. Miller advised of the Open Meeting Act posted on the west wall.

B.Visitors- none

C.Business Items-motion by Mayfield to approve mileage for both March 29 and April 11. Seconded by Lee. Motion by Mayfield to approve BYOB for the Adult party on August 20. Seconded by Lee. Discussed possiblility of new rope for the flag and discussion on painting south side of building seemed a priority. Discussed if a survey was sent out in water bill the possibility of deleting the “#10” and adding WiFi and community space in back of library or if there was a possibility of using the Village’s survey results

D.Staff Reports- Mead Library Director Report of March/April 2019 was submitted and reviewed

E.Board Member Reports-none

F.Approval of Minutes,Bills,Financials, and Monthly Report for March 2019 and April 2019- Motion by Mayfield,Second by Grasiani, Vote: Miller-Yes, P. Mayfield-Yes, Gransiani-Yes, Lee-Yes. Motion carried 4-0

  1. Motion to Adjourn at 641 pm by Mayfield, Second by Lee, Motion carried

Next meeting will be Monday, June 17, 2019 at 530pm