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Mead Public Library Board Meeting Minutes


July 20, 2020; 5:30 pm


Members Present: Jennifer Lee (2022), Jennie Grasiani (2022), Layla Giorgakopoulos (2022), and Viki Miller by phone (2020) Also present was our new Library Director, Kylie Dorner. Welcome aboard Kylie, we are happy to have you join our little group!


Absent: Board Member Mayfield


Library Staff Present: Kylie Dorner -Library Director


Call to order at 5:49 pm. Grasiani advised of the Open Meeting Act posted on the west wall.

  1. Visitors-None
  2. Business items-None
  3. Staff Reports- Director Dorner stated that during June 2020 we had 107 check outs, overdrive circulation was 77 ebooks and 30 audiobooks and the member amount saved was $1,428.92. Profit and Loss Statement for June 2020 was reviewed. Discussed maintenance that needed to be done, specifically having the east wall painted and the garden bench repainted. Dorner noted an area of concern between the Library and City Clerk’s office where a small tree was growing near the foundation. Previous Directors Van Ackeren and Moseman suggested removal of tree and sealing of concrete along foundation. Director Dorner stated that she had a visit with Jackie, President of the Friends of the Library, about possibly contacting a digitization company about transferring the Ordnance Plant Newspapers from microfilm to a webpage to be made available for Library patrons to access and read. Dorner will obtain a quote for the potential cost. She also stated that the Library had been overcharged for the subscription to the Wahoo Newspaper. Previous Director Van Ackeren contacted the Newspaper and settled the matter before Dorner took over. The Library’s subscription has been honored for the amount paid, which is through the 2021 fiscal year. Dorner will propose the Library’s new Back to School hours to President Lee to be approved. New hours will begin September 1, 2020. Dorner also requested permission to have Laurie Van Ackeren, Lori Moseman, and Rachelle Laurizen approved as substitutes.
  4. Board Member Reports- Board President Lee talked with Mr. Schroeder about the new proposed budget. He informed her that we have a large balance left in our maintenance account which needs to be used in the next month or two. Van Ackeren had previously advised to save that amount for external maintenance needs. President Lee will contact the man from Ceresco about painting the outside wall and the bench in the garden. Board Member Grasiani will contact a company she has used about the tree removal.
  5. Board member Grasiani made a motion to approve the Minutes, Bills, Financials, and Monthly Reports for June 2020. Seconded by Giorgakopoulos, Vote: Lee-Yes, Grasiani-Yes, Giorgakopoulos-Yes, Miller-Yes. Motioned carried.
  6. Motion to Adjourn at 6:27 pm by Grasiani, Seconded by Giorgakopoulos, Miller yes, Lee yes. Motion carried.

Next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, August 17th, 2020 at 5:30 pm.