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Mead Library Board

Meeting Minutes


August 20, 2014

Present:                        Denise Patocka (2010), Sara Nicola (2014), Jenny Carritt (2006), Nancy Black (2013)

Absent:                         Jeanette Johnson (2010), Kristi Kavan (2014)

Next meeting:                September 17, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

CEU                             Board:  20 by 8/17, Director:  45 by 6/17



A Regular Meeting of the Mead Public Library Board was held on August 20, 2014, at 6:30 p.m.  Denise Patocka called the meeting to order.  Sara Nicola read the minutes of the July, 2014, meeting.  Motion by Patocka, second by Carritt, to approve the minutes.


Old Business:

  • Fall Program Decided: Beauty and Blindfolded Books will be Saturday October 4thstarting at 12:00pm.
  • Mary Laughlin was nominated by Board to replace Jeannette Johnson in October. Will submit Mary to the Village Board for final approval.
  • Michael Klahn has volunteered his time to the Library. We will offer this again to Dawn Moser. Thank you for your contribution Michael.
  • The board is current on CEU as of 8/14. Director will need 45 before 6/17. Board will need 20 before 8/17.
  • Remaining balance due to Mead FFA for mulch to be submitted to Village Board for payment.
  • Terms and CEU dates will be on minutes monthly.
  • Nancy is waiting on Dell for a quote on new towers. Will follow up. Need by end of Sept. 2014.
  • Amazon Prime membership approved for 1 year.
  • Director will provide a binder with SOP for Library.


New Business:


Operating agreement between Friends and Board reviewed and will be presented in final draft at September meeting.


Nancy to contact Wahoo newspaper to advertise for Friends Members for the Mead Library.


The library had 297 persons visit the library in July. There were 297 checkouts in July 44 checkouts from Overdrive. Library patrons saved $34,953.80 total by checking out books verses buying.


Director requested day off on 8/30. Library to be closed, public notice will be posted.


Sept. 5th is the Youth Services Retreat in Ashland at Camp Carrol Joy Holling. Board Members invited to accompany Director. 8:30-4:00.


Board approved conferences and trainings below and asked Director to inquire about a Per Diem rate.

Youth Services Retreat 9/5, NLA Board Meeting 9/19, NLA Conference 10/8-10/11, Summer Reading Program Workshop: 11/21. Director has received scholarships from the Library Commission to cover many costs.


Budget presented by City Accountant was reviewed and approved to submit.

Director to investigate and file a claim if necessary for Nelnet Class Action Lawsuit settlement.


July financials were reviewed and a motion to approved by Carritt and second by Nicola.

Motion by Patocka, second by Carritt, to adjourn the meeting.


Denise Patocka, President