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Library Board Meeting 19-NOV-18

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Mead Public Library Board Minutes
November 19, 2018
Members Present: Viki Miller (2020), Paulette Mayfield (2020), Jennie Grasiani (2022), Jennifer Lee (2022) and Layla Giorgakopoulos (2022)
Library Staff Present: Laurie Van Ackeren and Mary Mayfield

A. Call to Order at 531pm. Miller advised the Open Meeting Act posted on the west wall.
B. Visitors – Jackie Petersen, Chairman of The Friends of the Mead Public Library
C. Staff Reports – Director Van Ackeren advised we have spent 7.4% of our new budget, 13 children attended the Halloween Craft Program, Story Time and Lunch Bunch Book Club continue to be popular programs, a Special Medicare Workshop was held with 5 people attending, Attendance was 235, 58 materials were checked out through Overdrive, 148 materials were circulated from the Library in October and Member Amount Saved was nearly $1,700.00
D. Board Member Reports – none
E. Approval of Minutes, Bills and Financials, and Monthly Report for October 2018 – Motion by Mayfield, Second by Grasiani , Motion carried.
F. Business Items
1. Sloppy Joe Fundraiser on Friday, January 4, 2019 at the Mead High School starting at 4pm. Jackie Peterson advised price per plate will be $6.00 and will include a sandwich, chips, drinks, veggies, pickles and dessert. The National Honor Society, Student Council and the Library Board members are asked to bring dessert bars.
2. Review of building and ground issues: Director Van Ackeren will check with Fud and Tracy’s to get an estimate to take out the sink and toilet in the closet. Librarian Mayfield will also ask her husband to look at them. 25 patrons received library cards last year for no charge. The previous year, 13 patrons received library cards at a cost of $25.00. Motion by Mayfield to waive $25.00 library card fee, second by Lee, motion carried. Assistant Librarian Moseman has prepared a schedule for work outside in garden. Work will be done by staff and volunteers.
3. Review of Collection Policy – revisions will be made by Director Van Ackeren. Motion by Miller, Second by Giorgakopoulos, Motion carried.
G. Motion to Adjourn
1. Motioned by Mayfield, Second by Grasiani, Motion carried

Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting: Monday, January 21, 2019, 5:30pm at the Mead Public Library