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Mead Library Board

Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2015


Present:          Sara Nicola, Jenny Carritt, Kristi Kavan, Mary Laughlin, Lori Moseman and Laurie  Van Ackeren, (Denise Patocka entered at 7:00 p.m.)

Absent:            None

Next Meeting:  September 16, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


A Regular Meeting of the Mead Public Library Board was held on August 19, at 6:30 p.m.  Kristi Kavan called the meeting to order.  Members of the board reviewed the minutes of the July 22, meeting.  Motion by Kavan, second by Laughlin, to approve the minutes.


The expense reports, petty cash and profit and loss reports for July were reviewed.  Motion by Carritt, second by Kavan, to approve the July financial reports.


Old Business:

  • The Overdrive bill was received and it was decided to wait until October to pay the invoice so the funds would be taken out of the new budget.
  • The Amazon Prime membership has expired. It was suggested by Moseman and Van Ackeren to not renew at this time as usually they are able to get free shipping anyways because of the amount of their orders. It can be re-visited at a later date if a determination is made that it is needed.
  • The 2016 budget has been approved by the Mead Village Board.


New Business:

  • Approval was given to Laurie Van Ackeren to attend the Joint Youth Services Retreat at Carol Joy Holling Camp which also counts towards 10 CE units.
  • Because of anticipated decreased traffic Labor Day weekend, approval was given to close the library on Friday and Saturday.
  • Moseman and VanAckeren presented the library plan of work.
  • New fall hours were suggested and approved so there are more evening hours available to the youth and working adults. Hours will now be:
    Tuesday (5pm – 8pm)
    Wednesday/Friday/Saturday (remain the same)
    Thursday (12 pm – 6pm)
  • Moseman advised that the bibliostat survey will begin in November and she is starting to get ready for it.
  • Moseman presented policy updates and additions. A policy will be added to address documentation retention and destruction. Updates were made to the adverse weather and emergency conditions policy, computer use and internet policy, and the overdue, damages and lost materials policy. A form will be provided to parents for current library card holders to sign authorizing permission for juveniles to use the computers and internet at the library. The form will also be added to the new library card application forms. The color copy donation will also be increased to $0.50 per copy.
  • July statistics – 316 checkouts from library and 16 checkouts from Overdrive with a savings to our library members of $3,866.04. There were a total of 403 persons that visited the library. All numbers are a significant increase compared to previous months.
  • To save on costs, it was suggested that rather than making copies of materials needed for the board meeting that it be scanned and sent to the board members via e-mail.


Motion by Kavan, second by Carritt, to adjourn the meeting.


Kristi Kavan, Secretary