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Library Board Meeting 18-MAR-19

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Mead Public Library Board Minutes
March 18, 2019
Members Present: Viki Miller (2020), Jennie Grasiani (2022), Jennifer Lee (2022) and Layla Giorgakopoulos (2022), Paulette Mayfield (2020)
Absent: None
Library Staff Present: Director Laurie Van Ackeren
A. Call to Order at 545pm. Miller advised of the Open Meeting Act posted on the west wall.
B. Visitors – Kari Steinbach (The Friends of the Mead Public Library)
C. Staff Reports – Director Van Ackeren advised of February statistics: Attendance was 166 (103 adults, 63 juveniles), 106 materials were checked out through Overdrive, 216 materials were circulated from the library and member amount saved was $2,900.39. Coffee Hour (averaging 4 adults per week), Book Club (8 members), and Story Time (averaging 7 children per week) continue to be popular programs. National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day event was held on February 2 and 18 residents attended. Story Hour at local daycare was attended by 5 children. Budget was discussed as we are nearing the half way mark of our fiscal year. 1000 Books Before Kindergarten has 11 children signed up. Flyers circulated around the village was suggested to promote this program that was funded through a grant from the NE Library Commission.
D. Business Items – Motion by Lee to purchase a solar light for the flag pole. Second by Mayfield, Vote: Miller-Yes, Lee-Yes, P. Mayfield-Yes, Grasiani-Yes, Giorgakopoulos-Yes. Motion carried 5-0. Letter of resignation was accepted with regrets, from Mary Mayfield. She will continue to be employed as a substitute. Director Scott Childers will attend April Board Meeting to discuss the re-accreditation process.
E. Board Member Reports – none
F. Approval of Minutes, Bills and Financials, and Monthly Report for February 2019 – Motion by Mayfield, Second by Grasiani , Vote: Miller-Yes, Lee-Yes, P. Mayfield-Yes, Grasiani-Yes, Giorgakopoulos-Yes. Motion carried 5-0.
G. Motion to Adjourn at 630pm by Grasiani, Second by Miller, Motion carried
Next meeting will be Monday, April 15, 2019 at 530pm