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Mead Public Library Board Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2019

Members Present: Viki Miller(2020), Jennie Grasiani(2022), Jennifer Lee(2022), Layla Giorgakopoulos(2022) and Paulette Mayfield(2020)

Absent: None

Library Staff Present: Librarian Roberta Kisling

  1. Call to Order at 541 pm. Miller advised of the Open Meeting Act posted on the west wall.
  2. Visitors- none
  3. Business Items-Motion by Lee to raise 2019/2020 budget by 3%, seconded by Grasiani. Motion carried 5-0. Ed Schroeder will be in Mead to discuss budget on Monday, July 8. Miller will ask him about State Aid from NLC and separate line items for different areas of Technology.

Went into Executive Session at 6:03pm

Returned to Regular Session at 6:30pm.

Director Laurie Van Ackeren joined meeting at 6:30pm.

  1. Staff Reports- Van Ackeren reported we are on track concerning our current budget at 64% used as of June 2019. Installation of new public computers is complete. Discussed getting bids on painting South Side of building. Mayfield motioned to have Van Ackeren obtain bids, Grasiani seconded.                      Motion carried 5-0.
  2. Board Member Reports-Miller advised The Mead Village Board approved for Nick Raver (Village Maintenance) to install additional light on flag pole
  3. Approval of Minutes, Bills, Financials, and Monthly Report for May 2019: Motion by Giorgakopoulos to approve Minutes, Bills and Financials (with correction of last name Grasiani), seconded by Lee. Motion carried 5-0.
  4. Motion to Adjourn at 649 pm by Mayfield, Seconded by Lee, Motion carried

Next meeting will be Monday, July 15, 2019 at 530pm