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Mead Library Board

Meeting Minutes


February 17, 2015

Present:           Sara Nicola, Mary Laughlin, Donna McLaughlin, and Kristi Kavan

Absent:            Nancy Black, Jenny Carritt, and Denise Patocka

Next Meeting: March 18, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


A Regular Meeting of the Mead Public Library Board was held on February 17, 2015, at 6:30 p.m.  Kristi Kavan called the meeting to order.  Sara Nicola read the minutes of the January 21, meeting.  Motion by Kavan, second by Laughlin, to approve the minutes.


Old Business:

  • 20 CE units are needed by board before August 2017. 21.5 CE units is needed by director prior to June 2017.


New Business:                                             

  • Donna McLaughlin proposed to change the library hours as follows to simplify hours until the new Director is hired.
    Mon     Closed                         Fri        10-2 pm
    Tues    10-5 pm                       Sat       10-2 pm
    Wed     3-7 pm                         Sun      Closed
    Thurs   10-4 pm


Donna will post the new library hours on the library Facebook page and Kristi will ask June to put it in the town newsletter. Motion by Kavan, second by Nicola, to approve the change in library hours effective Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

  • The board acknowledges receipt of a resignation from the library director, Nancy Black, with her last day to be February 20, 2015. Motion to approve resignation by Kavan, second by Laughlin.
  • An ad has been placed for a new library director on the Library Commission website. We will also put it on the Mead Library Facebook page.
  • There has been a dramatic increase in insurance rates due to a rate change charged by EMC. The library would like to ask the Mead village clerk if the insurance has been re-bid and if it is a possibility to do this.
  • The spaghetti feed was successful and the Friends of the Library have deposited the funds in their account.
  • Materials budget – The Village Board questioned our materials budget. It is noted that we need to spend less than $200 per month on materials to keep on budget. Donna will hold off on ordering any new materials, unless specifically requested, until a new director is hired. Donna will e-mail the board when she gets a specific request so the board can approve.
  • February statistics – 171 checkouts from library and 53 checkouts from Overdrive. 136 persons visited the library.
  • The expense reports, petty cash and profit and loss reports for February were reviewed.  Motion by Kavan, second by Nicola, to approve the February financial reports.
  • The minutes of the Friends of the Library for December were reviewed.


Motion by Kavan, second by Nicola, to adjourn the meeting.


Kristi Kavan, Secretary