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Mead Library Board

Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2014


Present:                        Denise Patocka, Jeanette Johnson, Sara Nicola, Jenny Carritt, and Kristi Kavan

Absent:                         Nancy Black

Next Meeting:                August 17, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.


A Regular Meeting of the Mead Public Library Board was held on July 16, 2014, at 6:30 p.m.  Denise Patocka called the meeting to order.  Kristi Kavan read the minutes of the June 18, 2014, meeting.  Motion by Patocka, second by Kavan, to approve the minutes.


Old Business:


Fall programs were discussed.  The Board would like clarification on the Mom & Me program by Julia Cook.  Is this a child or adult program?  Adult programs were discussed.  Some ideas were:


  • Have the extension office come in and talk about yard and landscape prep for winter.
  • Genealogy workshop
  • Christmas vendor sale with a percentage of proceeds going to the library
  • Meal prep
  • See if Vicki Sohriakof from Mead would give mini-facials and discuss winter skin care
  • Home brewing


New Business:


The board was unaware that there was a teen volunteer at the library and would like more information on this.  Please provide the name of the volunteer and what kind of work the volunteer is doing.


The excess funds in the technology budget were discussed due to a cheaper rate for renewing Biblionix.  The Board would like to consider purchasing new computer towers.  The Board requests that Nancy obtain quotes from a couple different computer manufacturers, such as Dell and Lenovo.  Also contact them to see if there are discounts available for the library.


The library had 382 persons visit the library in June due to the Summer Reading Program. There were 265 checkouts in February and 58 checkouts from Overdrive.


The expense reports and profit and loss reports for June were reviewed.  The Board would like clarification that the $99 charge to Amazon is for the PRIME membership.  The Board has also not received verification that a double charge to Windstream earlier in the year was credited to the library account.  The Board requests that Nancy request this from June Moline.  Motion by Patocka, second by Carritt, to approve the June financial reports with the clarification/ verification provided.


The Board must be notified and must approve anytime the librarian attends any training, conferences, etc.


Items that need to be on the agenda at the next meeting are:

  1. The operating agreement between the Board and the Friend
  2. Payment of the mulch bill
  3. Terms of board members and when the terms end (Jenny to provide information)
  4. Replacement options for Jeanette Johnson
  5. Nancy to provide Board and Director CEO’s for current period
  6. Nancy to provide upcoming meeting for Board member CEO opportunity
  7. Discuss unexpected absences by the librarian (possibly cross-train board members on Biblionix so they can open the library when this happens).


Jeanette Johnson did not receive copies of the June meeting packet due to her absence at that meeting. Please provide at August meeting.


Motion by Patocka, second by Kavan, to adjourn the meeting.


Kristi Kavan, Secretary