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Library Board Meeting 15-OCT-18

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Mead Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda
Monday, October 15th, 2018 5:30pm

A.Call to Order
President Miller called the meeting to order at 5:32pm.

B.Roll Call
Members present: Present Vicki Miller (2020), Layla Giorgakopoulos (2022), Jennifer Lee (2022), Jennie Grasiani (2022).
Members Absent: Paulette Mayfield (2020).

Staff Present: Laurie Van Ackeren. Absent Staff: Lori Moseman and Mary Mayfield.

President Miller noted posting of the Open Meetings Law. A motion was made by President
Miller, seconded by Lee, to adopt the agenda as posted for the public at the Library, Bank of
Mead, and the Mead Post Office.

C.Recognize Guests/Public Items of Discussion
Jackie Peterson, President of Friends of the Library, was our guest this evening. She has been
checking on possible new locations for the library and discussed our options of available buildings and possibly expanding the current building to allow for a Genealogy Room and Village of Mead Museum to house the collection of items from the old Ordnance Plant. She will
Continue to pursue other possible locations and report back to us. Jackie also reminded us about the Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser scheduled for Jan 4th, 2019. We discussed other possible
Foods to offer like Pizza and salad, or Chili and Cinnamon Rolls. The Friends will discuss this further at their meeting on Thursday, October 17th. All library board members are encouraged
to attend this meeting.

D.Director’s Report.
Director Laurie was happy to report that we had used 99.3% of our budget for this year. She gave us the statistics on Library attendance for the month of September and told us about the
various activities that the library sponsored. Reported that the Movie in the Park, sponsored by
The Mead Days Committee was a success with over 50 in attendance and that the Friends of
the Library donated $50.00 towards the cost. The Director attended a Youth Retreat in Ashland during September also. Director Laurie reported that Assistant Director Lori Moseman has been working on a plan for the garden with the assistance of Dr. Carlson.

E.Board Member Reports.
Board member Lee reported that she has not been able to get the clear coat on the picnic table
yet due to lack of cooperation from the weather and having a cast on her leg from her accident.

F.Approval of Minutes, Bills and Financial, and Monthly Reports for September 2018.
Board member Lee motioned to approve with the following corrections: Spelling of board member Jennie Grasiano’s name, Staff member Mary Mayfield was absent at that meeting and corrected spelling of Ordnance. Motion was seconded by Board member Grasiani. Voting: Miller-yes, Lee-yes, Grasiani-yes, Giorgakopoulos-yes. Mayfield-Absent. Motion carried 4-0.

G.Business Items.
Director Laurie informed us that 2018 photos are on display throughout the library for all to enjoy. She reminded us that November is “Read Aloud” month and would like board members
to volunteer to read aloud to the kids during Story Time every Tuesday at 4pm for 30-40 minutes. Board member Lee volunteered to read on November 6th and Board member Grasiani
will read on November 13th.
A discussion was held on whether or not the Library should be open on “snow days” when school is not in session. Was decided that Library would open later in the day if the weather cleared.
Discussed yet again, the need for the ceiling tiles to be replaced in back room. Decided we needed to find someone with plumbing experience to look to see if we can locate the water shut-off valve and remove the toilet before we ask Nick again to replace the tiles.

Motion made by President Miller, seconded by Board member Lee to adjourn at 6:50pm. Vote:
Miller-yes, Grasiani-yes, Giorgakopoulos-yes, Lee-yes. Mayfield-Absent. Motion carried 4-0.

Next meeting: Monday, November 19th, 2018, 5:30pm at Mead Public Library.

Submitted by Layla Giorgakopoulos, Secretary.