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Mead Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2017 5:30 pm   Mead Library


 A.  Call to Order

President Kavan called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.


B.  Roll Call of Members

Members Present: Kristin Kavan (2018), Dale Rawson (2018), Viki Miller (2020), Mary Mayfield (2020), Marty Hagemann (2020).

Members Absent:  None.

Staff Present:  Laurie Van Ackeren and Lori  Moseman.


C.  Recognize Guests/Public Items of Discussion

No guests were in attendance.


D.  Staff Reports

Director Report-Van Ackeren reported staffing and plans for the Summer Reading Program are moving forward. 

Board Member Reports-No reports were made.


E.  Approval of Minutes, Bills and Financial, and Activity Reports for January and February 2017

Motion to approve by Rawson. Second by Kavan. Voting Yes: Kavan, Miller, Rawson, Hagemann, Mayfield. Voting No: None. Motion carried.


F.   Business Items

1.   Strategic Plan Goals Update-Goal 1 was reviewed. Miller reported development of the new web site continues and it is ready for personalization. Goal 2 was discussed. Rawson reported distance learning at the school is handled through PJ Quinn so contact should be made with him.


2.   Policies-Volunteer and Document Retention Policies were reviewed and proposed changes were discussed. The change proposed for the Volunteer Policy was to discontinue the nametag requirement. The change proposed for the Document Retention Policy was to keep Board meeting minutes permanently and all other Board meeting documents for 7 years. Motion to approve proposed policy changes by Kavan.  Second by Mayfield. Voting Yes: Kavan, Mayfield, Rawson, Miller, Hagemann. Voting No: None. Motion carried.


3. Plan for Board’s CE Requirement- The Board needs to complete 3 CE Units by August 2017. Options for earning CE units were discussed. Van Ackeren will contact Scott Childers to talk about training related to personnel evaluations/ policies and invite him to the next Board’s meeting. 


G.  Adjournment

President Kavan adjourned the meeting at 6:00 pm.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, April 19, 2017  5:30 pm  Mead Library