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Mead Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 @ 5:30pm

A.President Lee called the meeting to order at 5:29pm with a mention of the “Open Meetings Act” poster on the west wall.

B.Roll call was taken of members present: Lee present, Mayfield present, Hickman present, Giorgakopoulos present and Grasiani present. Also present was former Library Director Kylie Dorner and our new Library Director Jessy Colabello.

C.No Guests to recognize or public items to discuss.

D.No business items to discuss at this time.

E.Staff Reports:

Director’s Report: Our previous Library Director, Kylie Dorner was on hand to fill us in on all records and activities from last month and to let us know where we stand on the budget to date. She will be on hand to train our new Director Jessy Colabello in her duties next week. She also informed us that our duties for Mead Days Celebration will be to man the Soccer Dart Game from 1-5pm on Saturday.

F.Board Member Reports:

We would like to thank our previous Library Director, Kylie Dorner, for all her hard work and dedication to our library during the past year, she will be missed. And on that note, we would like to welcome our new Library Director, Jessy Colabello. We look forward to working with her towards continuing the growth of our local library. She will meet with Roberta, our assistant librarian, to work out a schedule for their staffing hours. We hope to have the library back on a normal schedule soon after the hectic year we have had with Covid restrictions.

G.Motion was made by Board Member Mayfield to approve all Minutes, Bills, Financials and Monthly Reports for April 2021. Seconded by Grasiani. Lee yes, Mayfield yes, Grasiani yes, Hickman yes and Giorgakopoulos yes. Motion carried.

H.Motion made by Grasiani to adjourn at 5:58. Seconded by Lee. Motion carried.

Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting: June 1st, 2021 at 5:30pm at Mead Public Library.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Secretary Layla Giorgakopoulos