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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

  1. Meeting was called to order by Mary Mayfield at 5:10pm.  Open Meetings Act poster was pointed out on the west wall of the back room.
  2. Roll Call:
    1. Members Present-Mayfield (2024), Grasiani (2022), Hickman (2024)
    2. Member Absent- Lee (2022), King (2025)
    3. Also Present-Library Director-Laurie Van Ackeren
  3. No Guests or Public Items to discuss
  4. Business Items
    1. No new business at this time.
  5. Director’s Report
    1. Circulation and usage stats are all up this month.
    2. New plan for the garden is going well and it is looking great.
    3. Laurie is still waiting for clarification on what is tangible and, therefore, needs to be posted as available versus items that are not tangible and, therefore, can be trashed or donated.
    4. A suggestion to assist seniors with using the computer to study for driver’s license renewal was made due to booklets no longer being available in print. We will offer assistance with computer use, but not the actual studying-as we are not qualified.
    5. A plan was developed to address an active shooter.
    6. 30 attended the Mardi Gras Party.
    7. 15-18 children attended summer reading camp each day.
    8. 6 attended the author visit.
    9. 7 attended the Spark Joy Meeting.
    10. A total of 24 attended the Senior Conversation Meetings.
    11. Upcoming events:
      1. Thursday, June 23rd-Magician at the Fire Hall-10am-11am
      2. Monday, June 27th – Movie
  • Wednesdays in July-Ocean Craft 10-11am
  1. Saturday, July 9-Story Time -10-10:45
  2. Monday, July 11 -Adult Air Fryer Class – 10:30
  3. Tuesday, July 19 -Saunders County Sheriff Deputy to discuss how to identify and avoid scams and hacks -10am
  • Thursday, July 21-Balloon Artist- 4pm-5pm
  • July 8, 15, 22, and 29 -Garden Engineering for kids entering 3rd -6th


  1. Board Member Reports-none at this time


  1. Minutes, Bills, Financials, and Monthly Reports for April and May
    1. Mayfield moved to approve.
    2. Seconded by Hickman.
    3. Motion carried.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 6pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 5, 2022, at 5:00 at Mead Public Library

Respectfully Submitted by

Mary Mayfield.