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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 6, 2023

  • Meeting was called to order by Jenn Lee at 6:06 pm.  Open Meetings Act poster was pointed out on the west wall of the back room.


  • Roll Call:
    • Members Present- Sara Else (2027), Cara Simon (2027), Jenn Lee (2026)
    • Member Absent- Mary Mayfield (2024), Kylee Hickman (2024)
    • Also, present-Library Director-Laurie VanAckeren


  • Guests or Public Items to discuss: None


  • New Business Items: None


  • Director’s Report
    • June stats were reviewed. All stats improved from May!  This is 3 months in a row of improvement.
    • Roberta will be having shoulder surgery at the end of August. Estimated recovery of 2 weeks. Laurie is working to cover shifts in her absence.
    • Adult Summer Reading Program party will be in September. Laurie has secured some awesome prizes that were donated by local businesses!
    • Friends of the Library have approved use of a $1000 Christmas gift to purchase new materials.
    • Father’s Day Car Show was a success. Next year we will plan further in advance for marketing materials, free books available, etc. Lee and Else suggested reserving a parking stall between cars for better visibility and higher traffic volume past the booth.
    • Laurie is attending the Nebraska Librarian Retreat at the end of August at Carol Joy Holling camp. American Library Association Retreat is at the end of September.  She applied for their Retreat Grant program and was accepted! The grant is worth $500 to be used toward admission.  Since she also covers Yutan Library, she’s asked the American association if she’s allowed to apply twice; she’s awaiting their response but it appears likely.  Two for the price of one! Additional travel expenses will be discussed once this is finalized.
    • Simon proposed updates to annual budget. Simon and Laurie will meet with accountant, Ed Schroeder, on July 11th to discuss next fiscal year. Library Board will vote on proposed budget at our next meeting.
      • Village Board will vote on Library budget at their meeting August 8th at 6pm. Library Board members and Laurie will be present for proposal and any questions that may arise.


  • Board Member Reports:
    • Staff evaluations were completed prior to meeting and accompanied with approved salary increases for Laurie and Roberta.
    • Board discussed and approved a gift for Lori M. that will be provided by the individual Board members in appreciation for the work she does.


  • Minutes, Bills, Financials, and Monthly Reports for March
    • Lee moved to approve – Seconded by Simon. Motion carried.



  • End of Meeting Roll Call:
  • Members Present- Sara Else (2027), Jenn Lee (2026), Cara Simon (2027)



Meeting adjourned at 6:53pm.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 1st at 6pm Mead Public Library


Respectfully Submitted by

Cara Simon