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August 22, 2016


A Special Public Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Mead, NE was held August 22, 2016 at the Village Office.  Chairman Havelka called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Notice of the meeting was provided in advance thereof by posting notice at the Bank of Mead, US Post Office and the Village Office as shown by the certificate of posting notice attached to these minutes.  Advance notice was also provided to the Wahoo Newspaper and all members of the Board of Trustees.  All proceedings were held while the convened meeting was open to the public.  Roll call showed the following board members present:  Chairman Shawn Havelka; Trustees Jason Felty, Gary Guyle, Richard Wielage and Rodney Wimer.  Also present were Clerk Moline, Utility/Maintenance Superintendent Nick Raver and Engineer Craig Reinsch.  Approximately 40 guests were present.


Havelka noted the Posting of the Open Meetings Law.


Motion by Wielage, second by Wimer to adopt the agenda.  Vote:  Guyle-yes, Havelka-yes, Wielage-yes, Wimer-yes, Felty-yes; motion carried 4-0.


Havelka stated the purpose of the meeting was to review options for a water project and to seek public input on the project.


Project Engineer, Craig Reinsch with Olsson Associates, presented proposals for a water project that were completed through a Water Supply and Treatment Project Study.  The proposals presented were 1) individual treatment, 2) centralized treatment with existing wells, 3) centralized treatment with a new well, and 4) connection to Wahoo.  Cost for a new 150,000 gallon water tower was submitted with each proposal.  The study began in 2013 seeking options for a water project that would be the most feasible for the Village of Mead.  Proposal 1 called for a new well to be located at a site northeast of Mead.  Testing showed that arsenic levels could be met but that uranium levels are too high.  Therefore this proposal was ruled out.  As far as Proposal 2 the back-up well that is currently turned off has too high of arsenic levels and therefore is not a good option.  Proposal 3 requires drilling of a new well on land recently purchased by the village at 309 W. Second Street.  A treatment facility would also be constructed on this site as well as the water tower. The estimated annual payment would be $226,666 without the 25 percent loan forgiveness applied over the course of the 20 year loan.  The water flat rate would increase $56.75 per month from the current $20.00 to $76.75 with a 25% forgiveness loan applied.  Proposal 4’s option is to connect to Wahoo and shows an annual estimated payment of $241,416.00 annually without the 25 percent loan forgiveness for the life of the loan.  The customer’s rate would increase by $49.00 per flat rate per month from $20.00 to $69.00.


Several members of the audience provided questions and expressed their concerns. No one expressed concern over the difference in the flat rate increase between Proposals 3 and 4, but several were concerned with no control over rates, future maintenance costs passed on to the user, fire protection and water quality if Proposal 4 was approved. An overwhelming show of hands indicated that most are in favor of Proposal 3, centralized treatment with a new well.  It also includes a new water tower.


Motion by Havelka, second by Wielage to approve centralized treatment with a new well and construction of a 150,000 gallon water tower.  Vote: Havelka-yes, Wielage-yes, Wimer-yes, Felty-yes, Guyle-yes; motion carried 5-0.


Motion by Wielage, second by Havelka to adjourn at 8:07 p.m.  Vote:  Wielage-yes, Wimer-yes, Felty-yes, Guyle-yes, Havelka-yes; motion carried 5-0.



            Shawn Havelka, Chairman                                                 June Moline, Clerk