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September 29, 2014


A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Mead, NE was held September 29, 2014 at the Village Office.  Chairman Guyle called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  Notice of the meeting was provided in advance thereof by posting notice at the Bank of Mead, US Post Office and the Village Office as shown by the certificate of posting notice attached to these minutes.  Advance notice was also provided to all members of the Board of Trustees.  All proceedings were held while the convened meeting was open to the public.  Roll call showed the following board members present:  Chairman Gary Guyle; Trustees Shawn Havelka, Adam Miller and Rodney Wimer.   Absent was Trustee Richard Wielage.  Also present was Clerk June Moline.  Guest present was Tanner Shaw.


Guyle noted the Posting of the Open Meetings Law.


Motion by Wimer, second by Havelka to adopt the agenda.  Vote:  Guyle-yes, Havelka-yes, Miller-yes, Wielage-absent, Wimer-yes; motion carried 4-0.


Guyle stated that the purpose of the special meeting was to address requests for building permits from AltEn and discuss the nuisance abatement policy.


Tanner Shaw, AltEn, discussed the projects planned with the building permit applications.  The aquawater tank is a requirement by Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.  It will provide services for employees.  AltEn will seek a future agreement with the village to test the water monthly.  AltEn will provide a water transport system for the testing.  The gas turbine electrical generator will produce biogas.  It will produce energy to support all the electrical needs at the plant.  The two 1 million bushel flat storage grain warehouse buildings will be fabric covered.  Overall storage is expected to be 2.2 million bushels of grain.  Following the use of corn, milo will be the alternative choice. 


Motion by Miller, second by Wimer to approve the following Building Permits to AltEn.  Permits being:  14-16 for a potable water tank for employee water supply; 14-17 for a packaged gas turbine electrical generator with heat recovery; 14-18 for two flat storage grain warehouse buildings.  Vote:  Havelka-yes, Miller-yes, Wielage-absent, Wimer-yes, Guyle-yes; motion carried 4-0.


Discussion was held on the nuisance abatement policy.


Motion by Wimer, second by Havelka to approve placement of “No Parking” signs along the north and south sides of Highway 92 from Elm Street to Co Rd 10 and along the west and east sides of Elm Street from North First Street to Highway 92.  Vote:  Miller-yes, Wielage-absent, Wimer-yes, Guyle-yes, Havelka-yes; motion carried 4-0.


Motion by Havelka, second by Miller to adjourn at 6:42 p.m.  Vote:  Wielage-absent, Wimer-yes, Guyle-yes, Havelka-yes, Miller-yes; motion carried 4-0.



Gary Guyle, Chairman                                               
June Moline, Clerk