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Mead Public Library Board Minutes
November 18, 2019; 530pm

Members Present: Jennifer Lee (2022), Viki Miller (2020), Jennie Grasiani (2022), Paulette Mayfield (2020) and Layla Giorgakopoulos (2022)

Library Staff Present: Director Van Ackeren

A. Call to order at 5:30pm. President Lee advised of the Open Meeting Act on the west wall.
B. All members present
C. No Guests
D. Business Items: Discussed, revised and approved policies: Emergency and Safety; Public Relations and Marketing; and Overdue, Damaged and Lost Materials
E. Director’s Report: September and October reports were given by Director Van Ackeren. No board meeting in October due to lack of quorum. It was reported we went over budget by 1.9% possibly due to extra salary hours for re-accreditation and unplanned hours on the library outside property. Still waiting for approval for re-accreditation from Christa Porta (NLC). Application was sent September 26, 2019. We received the NLC Youth Grant for $600 and will spend that on the Children’s Summer Reading Program (2020). December 3 we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Welcome Winter Event. Grasiani volunteered to help (from 6pm-7pm) and Lee will donate unfrosted cupcakes for the event. Director Van Ackeren advised that she received a scholarship for the NLA Conference which was held in La Vista in October. A new volunteer agreement form was approved over email.
G. Approval of Minutes, Bills and Financials, and Monthly report for September 2019 and October 2019 – Motion by Miller, Second by Mayfield. Vote: Lee-Yes, Miller-Yes, Grasiani-Yes, Mayfield-Yes, Giorgakopoulos-Yes. Motion carried 5-0.
G. Motion to Adjourn at 615pm by Grasiani, Second by Lee, Motion carried
Next meeting will be Monday, January 20, 2019 at 530pm (no meeting in December)